Russ Shinert

VP, Safety & Operations Training

Russ joined Future Infrastructure as VP, Safety & Operations Training in March 2019. He brings 20 years of former experience serving in the U.S. Marines into his roles and previously led as Safety Director and General Manager at Savage Services from 2005-2019. Prior to Savage, Russ served in Operations and Fleet Manager positions at United Petroleum Transports and J.B. Hunt Transportation. Through his experience, Russ has been an integral part of leading teams in behavior-based safety programs to establish a caring culture while implementing the Safety Steward Program, which is foundational to the strategy and success of Future Infrastructure. His passion and dedication are evident in his ability to teach and coach others. Russ has multiple, diverse safety certifications. He attended Columbia Southern University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health, as well as his Master of Science Degree in Safety Management.