shawn Ewen

Shawn Ewen

Director of Operational Excellence

Shawn joined Future Infrastructure as Director, Operational Excellence in June 2020. Shawn was with the Dakota Utility Contractors Division of FIH prior as Director of Business Process Management and later Controller. Shawn is a Process Efficiency and Procurement expert having been a top 5 ranked business consultant, successful Entrepreneur and Senior Vice-President (Procurement and Operations) with some of the world’s largest shipping lines for over 30 years. Shawn works with passion to find cost effective solutions that drive out inefficiency through process. As a change agent, Shawn creates and facilitates cross-functional working teams that work together to create process, metrics, and team buy-in making for change that works. Shawn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Transportation from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. Shawn holds certifications in Operations, Logistics, and top awards from Dale Carnegie.