Future Infrastructure

May Quality Crew of the Month

The May Quality Crew of the Month will be Future Telco lead by Supt. Jeromie Cagle.
Following are the Crew Members to be recognized:
Daily Crew
  • Foreman – Elmer Nolasco
  • Miguel Cazarez
  • Rolando Venegas
  • Roberto Vaszques
Bore Crew
  • Lorenozo Buendia
  • Javier Moreno
  • Luis Mendias
The daily Crew Pot holed all known utilities prior to excavating sites for the bore crew bore and receiving pit. The Bore Crew bored approximately 100 feet from the North to the South of the Tracks using the bore pits and utilities pot hole sites to prevent hitting the various utilities in the location, which would not of happened if the extra steps and man power where not dedicated to locating all known utilities in the area. The Crews worked together in pulling approximately 110 feet of duct pipe back in the bore tube. They back filled and compacted all pothole and excavation sites once completed with installing the risers at the pole and junction box.I was just made aware that this crew will be back on site starting next Monday (8/3) to bore under Jupiter.
We will award them then with hats and gift cards, getting a picture in front of the trophy at the Carrolton Office.

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