Our natural gas division provides services to both natural gas providers and local delivery companies (“LDCs”). Our distribution services work heavily with local gas companies to provide gas services to residential and commercial properties. Our transmission services have access to variety of drilling and pipeline companies, in addition to our own drilling and pipeline resources, to build the infrastructure for the transmission of natural gas. Our ability to work closely and partner with local utilities and municipalities allow us to work in highly congested areas such as the central business districts of downtown Dallas and Ft Worth. Our business is to build strategic relationships across all lines to obtain a common goal for our customers. We pride ourselves in a state of the art gas training facility that allows us to extensively train our current staff and new employees in a controlled environment.

Gas Utility

Services we offer:

  • Distribution Main Rehabilitation/Re-Routes/ Replacements
  • Residential and Commercial Installs and Replacements
  • Leak Detection and Repair Services
  • Meter Relocation and Replacements
  • Service Line Relocation and Replacements
  • Infrastructure Maintenance, Repair, Upgrade, Installation, and Surface Restoration
  • Joint Trench partnering with local electric and communication providers
  • Hydro excavation services
  • Welding
  • Cathodic Protection & Pipeline Integrity Services
  • HDD Directional Boring / Pipleline Installation
  • Planning / Project Management