Future Telecom’s ability to complete the most difficult directional drilling jobs sets it apart from all other telecommunication and pipeline contractors. With over a decade of experience in directional drilling, Future Telecom has stood out as one of the most reliable and accurate contractors when completing challenging or environmentally sensitive bores. Using wire line and pressure tool technologies, we have completed thousands of feet of directional drilling under rivers, levees, and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Each Future Telecom directional drilling crew is cross-trained to work in all markets. This wide range of experience allows our crews to handle the most complex and challenging projects. We understand our customer's specific needs and our crews have the experience to deliver high quality production on any project.

Our diverse fleet of drilling machines ensures we always have the right tool for the job. Whether it is a 1” or 2” conduit needing to be installed for traffic signals in a crowded intersection or a 30” steel casing under an existing levee, Future Telecom has the expertise and experience to deliver the bore accurately and without damaging the surrounding environment.